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Hot and Sour Zucchini Chips - Raw Dehydrated and Tasty

I saw a recipe for fried Chipotle Lime Zucchini Chips, so I decided to combine those lime and hot chili flavors in a dried raw chip made in my food dehydrator. The giant zucchinis that many gardeners are so desperate to get rid of this time of year are just the right size for making dried zucchini chips. I marinaded zucchini slices in lime juice, then sprinkled them with cayenne before drying. This produced nice crispy chips with a distinct sour flavor, but my cautious sprinkle of cayenne didn't make the chips hot enough for my taste. Next time I'll add more cayenne or maybe use liquid chipotle hot sauce on the zucchini chips as I have done in the past.

hot and sour chipotle lime zucchini slices
Hot and sour chipotle lime zucchini slices ready for drying.

hot and sour chipotle lime raw dehydrated zucchini chips
Not quite hot enough chipotle lime raw dehydrated zucchini chips ready for eating !!

Hot Mustard Flavored Raw Dried Zucchini Chips

The chauffeur left my Grey Poupon in the Rolls Royce again, so all I had was the store brand dijon mustard that I found in the back of the refrigerator. Nevertheless, my mustard flavored zucchini chips came out great. The hot part of the mustard flavor doesn't survive the drying process, but the zucchini mustard chips have a nice subtle mustard flavor. The beer is cold in the refrigerator, the baseball game will be on TV pretty soon, and all of these chips will all be gone before the 9th inning !!

dijon mustard raw dehydrated zucchini chips
Ordinary dijon mustard makes pretty great raw dehydrated zucchini chips !!

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