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Cache Creek Nature Preserve hiking trail, Yolo County, California

JimH & I met at Cache Creek Nature Preserve (just a few miles west of Woodland, CA) for a bit of easy hiking close to home.

Cache Creek Nature Preserve Trail Maps.

• Download map: CCNP Trail Map. CCNP Audio Tour map.
• Map book: California Maps - Atlas & Gazetteer by Delorme, 2008.

Online map user instructions. Click and drag to reposition this interactive map.
• The tool on the left zooms in and out. Point on the red markers to see the names.
• Map=roads. Satellite=satellite map. Terrain=3D shaded topo map. Topo=topographic map.
Full-Screen online driving map - Cache Creek Nature Preserve.

Geographic Coordinates - Landmarks (Marker)
N 38.69108 W 121.87191 - Cache Creek Nature Preserve (A)
N 38.67790 W 121.83410 - T & Y Strawberry Patch produce stand (B)
N 38.68136 W 121.96767 - La Plazita Taqueria (C)

Full-Screen online satellite map - Cache Creek Nature Preserve.

Geographic Coordinates - Landmarks (Marker)
N 38.68975 W 121.87323 - wetland overlook (A)
N 38.68898 W 121.87524 - Tending & Gathering Garden (B)
N 38.68853 W 121.87225 - Cache Creek access (C)
N 38.68982 W 121.87070 - oak savannah and footbridge (D)
N 38.68960 W 121.87111 - Memorial Grove and Amphitheatre (E)
N 38.68989 W 121.87202 - Redwood Barn (F)
N 38.68961 W 121.87289 - Visitor Center (G)

Hiking the Audio Tour Trail

The audio tour trail is a short loop (~1 mile) around the middle of the preserve. At 6 stops along the trail the audio provides information about the history and ecology of the preserve and the surrounding area. The big wetlands pond area didn't have many waterbirds when we were there, but the views of the landscape were nice.

We stopped by Cache Creek to eat some dried watermelon jerky and pumpkin spice homemade granola bars. At a minimal flow of 90 cubic feet per second (Cache Creek flow gauge at Rumsey) lots of sand and gravel bars were exposed on the sides of the creek. The water might have been just barely deep enough for a gentle canoe or kayak trip, but more flow would be better for boating.

The audio tour ended at the historic redwood barn where there are many antique farm machines on display.

The Visitor Center has a nice taxidermy display of wildlife native to the area.

Click on the photos to see the larger view. Use the back button to return.

Wetlands at Cache Creek Nature Preserve
IMG 2828 - Wetlands

Cache Creek at Cache Creek Nature Preserve
IMG 2874 - Cache Creek at 90 cfs

Historic Redwood Barn at Cache Creek Nature Preserve
IMG 2882 - Historic Redwood Barn

Great Horned Owl display at Visitor Center, Cache Creek Nature Preserve
IMG 2894 - Great Horned Owl

More photos:
Cache Creek Nature Preserve - JimH photos
Cache Creek Nature Preserve - BRT photos


Coming Home

On the way home I stopped at T & Y Strawberry Patch produce stand (see map above) and got some great fruits and vegetables.

Additional information:
Hiking Trails in California - Davis Wiki.
Hiking, Biking & Camping Trip Reports & Photos - BRT Insights.
• Digital Camera: Canon PowerShot A490. Photos edited with IrfanView and Pixtra PanoStitcher software.

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I drove through Madison on my way home from the nature preserve. Out of curiosity I stopped and went into La Plazita Taqueria. It looks more like a bar than a restaurant. There are a dozen tables in the large room. There is a long bar on the left, but only 5 stools at the bar. The rest of the bar is standing room only, and where you order. I ordered two tacos al pastor and got an El Indio beer out of the cooler, filled up a basket with tortilla chips and helped myself to the salsa bar. while waiting for my order, I browsed the wall covered with dollar bills and foreign bills with people's names and origins written on them. My order came long before I was finished browsing. The tacos were great. There are also entres of chile verde, chile colorado, chile rellenos, and many other dishes available.
Sounds good! I'll have to stop at La Plazita Taqueria next time I'm in the Madison area.
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