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Whitewater River Kayaking, Canoeing, Tubing & Rafting Blogs Directory

List of blogs & forums focusing primarily on whitewater river boating.

Please let me know about any other whitewater paddling blogs or forums that should be added to the list, any ranks (PR = Google PageRank) that need to be updated, and any dormant sites that need to be deleted. (Updated Oct 6, 2009.)

ww kayaking personal blogs - PR4 to PR3 > PR2 to PR1 > PR0.
ww rafting blogs, flat water paddle boating blogs.
ww organization blogs, ww business blogs.
ww photoblogs, ww videoblogs & ww socialblogs.
ww forums & ww bulletin boards.

Whitewater Kayak & Canoe - Personal Blogs - PR4 to PR3

BRT Insights - BruceT - PR4.
California Whitewater - MasaO - PR4.
Range Life - PR4.
IrishWhiteWater - PR4.
Girls At Play - AnnaL - PR4.
Jefferson State Creeking - PR4.
riversandcreeks - PR4.
Ruth Gordon - PR4.
Epicocity Project - PR4.

David Fairweather - PR3.
Lowri Davies - PR3.
Liveonce Expeditions - PR3.
Small World Adventures - PR3.
Nookie Team - PR3.
Got Boof - PR3.
Lekker Kayaking - PR3.
egcreekin - PR3.
AR Kayak Adventures - PR3.
Same Deep Water - PR3.
Huckin Huge - PR3.
atlantickayaker - PR3.
Rivers Of Chile - PR3.
RapidPirate - PR3.
This River Life - PR3.
Bellingham Whitewater - PR3.
whitewater-koa - PR3.
Max Bilbow - PR3.
Same Deep Water - PR3.
Liquid Kayak - PR3.
Wesley’s Wild World of Kayaking - PR3.
Western Maryland Boating - PR3.
Wonder Midget - PR3.
PDX River Explorers - PR3.
Kayak Hot Dogs - PR3.
kayak en nuestro pequeño planeta - PR3.
whitewaterinstruction - PR3.
passion4adventure - PR3.
River and Ocean - PR3.
Gutters of the Earth - PR3.
River Lover - Any River, Any Time - PR3.
roaring fork kayakers - PR3.
Beyond H2O - PR3.
Geoff Jennings - PR3.
Shasta Boyz Productions - PR3.
Kinetic in Stasis - PR3.
Hotel Charley - PR3.
Team Shred Ready - PR3.

More whitewater river paddle boating blogs & forums:
personal blogs on whitewater kayaking - PR4 to PR3 > PR2 to PR1 > PR0.
ww rafting blogs, flat water paddle boating blogs.
ww organization blogs, ww business blogs.
ww photoblogs, ww videoblogs & ww socialblogs.
ww forums & ww bulletin boards.

Blogs about human-powered river boating are listed based on their Google PageRanks (scale from 0 to 10). I know of 15 sea kayaking blogs that have achieved PageRanks of 4 or 5, so whitewater river bloggers are still lagging behind in this area.

You can see the Google PageRank for all websites that you visit by installing the Google Toolbar into your web browser software. For more information see my post on blog publicity via hyperlinks.

Comments contributed by readers are an essential part of the blogging experience. Thus, some websites built using blogging software which do not enable reader comments are not included in this list. Blogs that are dormant for an extended period of time will be removed from the list.

More information:
Whitewater River Kayaking Directory - BRT Insights.

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There's a couple more that I think you might like:

Alex's Blog

He's got videos of only 29 different rolls he does on his site:

And Tony's Blog

Both are splendid people! As is Nora, but you already have her towards the top, where she should be :-) (Seaboo)

Hi Bruce, Here a couple more links for you:

Anna Levesque has started a blog, since she's an influential role model in women's whitewater she should definitely get attention!:

Then a slalom coach I met at a training camp who may well be in Team USA next year: and a site for slalom resources he maintains:
Here is also a link to an awesome whitewater park/racecourse, which regularly hosts national and international meets.

Hope you're having fun! Rosie
Hi Rosie the River Runner !!

Thanks for the great links!! I'll get them posted later today.

Participation in whitewater sports is a great character builder for everybody and more women role models like you & Anna are definitely needed in our sport.

I see from your blog Lost and Found: Kayaking and Whatever Floats My Boat that Minnesota whitewater has been good this summer. California is having a drought, but dam releases are still enabling pretty normal summer whitewater for us. I took the playboat on a class III whitewater river for the first time and my kayaking trainee is making great progress.

When you "Seek Serenity in Submersion," hopefully your submersion will be occasional and temporary, while your serenity will be profound and long-lasting!!
Wow this is awesome. I made a search engine for whitewater sites (finally got fed up with google not having what I wanted) and I'm always looking for more sites. The list of sites I'm currently searching is at

I have a number of these sites in the index so far but I'll be adding the rest asap. Thanks for collecting all of this awesome information about whitewater sites.

The North Jefferson Kayak Club keeps a blog at, that provides much information about whitewater and flatwater runs in Alabama.
Thanks Jeremy, I added your blog into the club section on pg 5.
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