Monday, July 03, 2006


How to Post a Comment on BRT Kayaking & Hiking Blog

1. Click on the comments link at the end of the blog post on which you want to comment.

2. When commenting on a trip in which you participated please focus on your own experiences and your own observations on the trip. Let other people from the trip tell as much or as little of their own experiences as they choose.

3. Keywords. Be sure to use keywords (whitewater, river, kayaking, paddling, boating), hiking, trail, etc. as often as possible in your comments. Frequent use of these keywords helps the search engines to classify your comments in the right category in their online databases.

4. Write for an international audience. Readers located far away will not know many things that local boaters & hikers take for granted. People who paddle other types of boats may not know many terms common to river kayakers.

5. Remember that your comments will be on the Internet for a long time, so don't write anything that you may regret later.

6. Please explain in detail and don't abbreviate. Search engines don't like abbreviations so spell out river and creek, rather than abbreviate as r and ck. Not everybody knows that:
a. CA is the abbreviation for California
b. SF American is a RIVER
c. Meatgrinder is a RAPID
d. RPM and EasyG are KAYAKS

7. Type or copy/paste your comment into the "Leave your comment" box on the right. Please sign your post with your first name and last initial. If the comment is lengthy you may want to keep a copy of your comment on your computer as a text file in case your comment needs to be resubmitted.

8. Choose an identity. You can quickly get a free Blogger identity if you want, but Anonymous identity is even easier and faster.

9. Type the string of funny letters into the word verification box.

10. Click the preview button if you want to preview.

11. Click the Login and Publish button.

12. After a successful submission you should see "Your comment has been saved and will be visible after blog owner approval."

13. This blog is setup for comment moderation. I review all visitor comments before they appear on the blog. Inappropriate or off-topic comments will be rejected. Inappropriate or off-topic hyperlinks will definitely cause a comment to be rejected! In some cases I may ask a visitor to edit and resubmit a comment If I have a way to contact the person. Although the blog is a hobby topic it is important that the blog maintains high standards.

14. I need to log in to do the comment moderation, so your comments will appear on the blog within a few days.

15. Why Post a Comment on BRT Kayaking Blog.

Thanks !!!

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