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Whitewater River Blogs Directory pg3

List of blogs focusing on whitewater river boating.

Send a comment to let me know about any other whitewater blogs that should be added to the list & any ranks that need to be updated. (Updated Oct 12, 2009.)

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Whitewater - Kayak & Canoe - PR2.

Lost and Found - PR2
Trinity Alps Photo - PR2
Montana Eddy Hop - PR2
Northwest Livin - PR2
Creek & Freestyle Kayak - PR2
Think rain - PR2
kayakshed - PR2
RobertP kayaking - PR2
Testing The Waters - PR2
Jenny Right-Side - PR2.
Sierra Sojourner - PR2.
Chris Eastabrook - PR2.
Graham Fairweather - PR2.
Jam Freeride - PR2.
Rob Tuley - PR2.
blonde blogger - PR2.
Pommie Productions - PR2.
Total Whitewater Fun - PR2.
Clissold’s Adventures - PR2.
Third Coast - PR2.
Sea-Boo-Photos - Nora - PR2.
Judy Ranelli's DangerBlog - PR2
River's End - PR2
KayakDude - PR2
whitewaterfreestyle - PR2
Paddle Hard - Jake - PR2
Team Swain SE Boating - PR2
Eat-sleep-paddle - Jesse - PR2
Flow Rider - PR2
Graeme Addison’s ottspot - PR2
Kayaking pure zest for life - PR2
Rockratrobinson - PR2
In Between Swims - PR2
KayakCanberra - PR2
newmexicoh2o - PR2
Downstream Movement - PR2
Mike kayak - PR2
Colorado Kayak Chronicle - PR2
mb-kayak - PR2
liquid-addiction - PR2
Adventures of BurgessN - PR2
Go Boating Australia - PR2
mthoodh2o - PR2
Tom's Adventures - PR2
George Holmes - PR2
Kim and Geoff's Corner - PR2
CalamityChris - PR2
Jefferson St Creeking DarinM - PR2
Kayak Boat Riding - PR2
Humbled By Water - PR2
welshkate - PR2
Furious George: Wildwater - PR2
8thriver - PR2
Into the Outside - PR2 - PR2
The Skux - PR2.
Hotel Charley - PR2.
Lizzy English, HBIC - PR2.
Potatos and Pistol Flips - PR2.
kayakpucon - PR2.
watergrande - PR2.
Creek & Freestyle Kayak - PR2.
roaring fork kayakers - PR2.
Water Cycle - PR2.
Hailey Thompson Whitewater - PR2.
Northwest Paddling - PR2.
NC Paddle Surfer - PR2.
Kayak Boat Riding - PR2.
thegnargnar - PR2.
Where is Baer? - PR2.
gorgehits - PR2.
Northwest Livin - PR2.
Kayaking on the Rocks - PR2.

Blogs & forums on white water river paddle boating:
ww kayaking personal blogs - PR4 to PR3 > PR2 > PR1 & PR0.
ww rafting blogs, flat water paddle boating blogs.
ww organization blogs, ww business blogs.
ww photoblogs, ww videoblogs & ww socialblogs.
ww forums & ww bulletin boards.

Blogs about human-powered whitewater river boating are ranked by their Google PageRanks (scale from 0 to 10). I know of 15 sea kayaking blogs that have achieved PageRanks of 4 or 5, so whitewater river bloggers are definitely lagging behind in this area.

You can see the Google PageRank for all websites that you visit by installing the Google Toolbar into your web browser software. For more information see my post on blog publicity via hyperlinks.

Comments contributed by readers are essential to the blogging community experience. Some websites built using blogging software which do not enable reader comments are not included in this directory. Blogs that are dormant for many months will be removed from the list.

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