Monday, February 11, 2008


Restore the Klamath River - Feb 2008 Update

Does the draft agreement provide enough protection for the fish?

The chairman of the Hoopa Valley Tribe is critical of the draft agreement for Klamath River restoration. "Water rights are upside down in the agreement. The agreement guarantees water for Bureau of Reclamation project irrigators and refuge users, while Hoopa and Yurok senior fishing rights, dating back to 1855 and 1864, are not guaranteed. The agreement puts all the drought-year risks on the fish." (Fish are key to deal on Klamath - Sacramento Bee 10feb2008)

PacifiCorp has not yet agreed to remove their obsolete Klamath River dams

PacifiCorp's failure to participate in the last two years of Klamath River restoration negotiations is an obstacle to progress.

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