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Pigeon Point Rodeo Hole, Trinity River - California Whitewater.

Kayak Freestyle Playboating & Whitewater River Guide & Maps - California.

Recent River Flow Data.

Whitewater Rating vs. Flow Rate.

class . . optimum playboating flows (cfs)
III . . . . 2,000 - 3,300 cfs

River Description - Pigeon Point Rodeo Hole, Trinity River.

How many times have I put-in just downstream from this great kayak playspot without realizing it was there?? (Trinity County, California, USA)

Driving Directions, Distance, Estimated Time & Road Conditions.

Mapquest provides directions, distance & time from your house to the river.
• From Davis, CA to Helena, CA - driving time 3 hours, 30 minutes.

California Road Conditions (Delays or closures due to weather, construction, etc.)
California Travel Information -
Road Conditions - California Dept Transportation.

Topographic River Map, Road Map & Local Business Search.

• The map below is interactive - click and drag on the map to adjust the location.
• Point or DoubleClick on the red markers below to see their names.
• Use the tool on the left to zoom and pan.
• Click on the Map button for a road map, Topo button for topographic map.
• Click on Google logo for road map & local business search (gas, food, camping).
• Full screen topo map and coordinates of additional landmarks - see below.
Topographic map user instructions.

Full-Screen Topographic Map - Pigeon Point Rodeo Hole, Trinity River.
Markers on the topo map show locations of some landmarks listed below (A & B).
Point or DoubleClick on the markers to see their names.

More River Landmarks - Geographic Coordinates.
Copy/paste the coordinates below into the search box at
Google Maps or into the Find box at Acme Mapper.
• N 40.76696 W 123.13198, Pigeon Point Campground put-in (A).
• N 40.76766 W 123.12930, Pigeon Point Rodeo Hole (B).
• N 40.7890 W 123.4390, gauge at Cedar Flat - near Burnt Ranch.

Local weather in Weaverville, California.

Online River Guides & River Flow Data for Paddle Boating.

Pigeon Point Rodeo Hole - Trinity River Rafting.
Trinity River - Pigeon Point Run (III) whitewater river guide.
Trinity River Directory.
(Display options - alphabetical 100. See section 1.)

Kayak Surfing & Freestyle Playboating Trip Reports NEEDED !!

• I'm happy to post or link to well-written, whitewater freestyle playboating trip reports from guest authors, especially if kayaking pictures or videos are included. Please contact me to submit your trip report.

Whitewater River Recreation Links - Trinity River.

Trinity River California - Conservation & Recreation Directory. (Display options - alphabetical 100. Section 1=whitewater, 2=rafting, 3=conservation, 4=fishing, 5=camping-hiking, 6=local-info)

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you can see it on the map if you look at the satellite view. It is right before pigeon point campground, in the middle of the straight away before the river bends right around the campground area. There is actually a road within the campground that goes upstream most of the way to the
wave. It is a great front surfing wave right now! We spent a few hours there yesterday evening before heading home. Melody
Thanks for including this info and a web link. The hole is upstream and around the bend of your red marker, close to where the
dash-dot line crosses the river. So I believe the coordinates would be around N 40.76790 W 123.12901.
Dave Steinhauser
We surfed it this weekend! Its about 500 ft upstream of the put-in and appears to be marked with an X on the topo map. To park and play you can drive up a dirt road from the put-in parking lot, past several campsites and park near the farthest one. Its a short walk to the hole. Its a great surf wave that flipped me many times!
Thanks for all the great information!!
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