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Canoer's Guide to the Wild and Scenic Middle Klamath River 4th edition, 2006 (book review).

California whitewater river guidebook for canoeing, kayaking & rafting.

(Updated 11feb2009. Get the new 2009 edition of the book - Canoer's Guide to the Wild and Scenic Middle Klamath River)

"This compact guidebook is a mile by mile description of the 120 miles of river between Iron Gate River Access and Ishi Pishi Falls. Detailed maps, historical commentary, and wildlife notes make this a must-have for any canoeist interested in this spectacular Northern California river."

The book provides a detailed Klamath River whitewater guide with great maps showing the rapids and river access points. It is nicely illustrated with pictures of canoeists running whitewater. Although written by canoeists and for canoeists, the information in this Klamath River guidebook is equally valuable for kayakers and rafters. Just like a real whitewater river trip, the book also has some pictures and descriptions of wildlife, campfire stories, & historical notes to provide many additional dimensions to the journey.

The river flow websites on pg. 19 of the book are out of date. Check the Klamath River flow data at USGS. Middle Klamath River flows are always dominated by the release from Iron Gate Dam, but rainy season boaters need to beware of significant additional flows occasionally contributed by the Scott River and Shasta River.

Page numbers on the Klamath River map at the front of the book provide some help in finding desired sections within the book, but it would be nice if the next edition of this book had a proper index and table of contents. The spiral plastic binding is OK, but maybe is not as durable and convenient as a typical paperback book binding.

"Canoer's Guide ..." is a great resource for boaters interested in paddling on this section of the Wild and Scenic Klamath River. Written by river-lovers for use by river-lovers, I rate this book great (**** 4 stars out of 5).

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Bruce, Thank you for your favorable review of the Canoer's Guide to the "Middle" Klamath River. I was very pleased. The suggestions that you made for improving the book will be incorporated into the 5th edition which will appear this spring. Thank you again.
Neil Rucker, Canoe West.
Hey, that's great! I look forward to seeing the 5th edition when it is ready.
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