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Mokelumne River, California - Whitewater Overview.

Kayaking, Rafting & Canoeing Guide - Amador County & Calaveras County, California, USA.

Whitewater Paddleboating Runs on Mokelumne River.

      River & Run name (whitewater class).
A. Mokelumne River NF Bear River to Tiger Creek Run. (class IV)
B. Mokelumne River NF Tiger Creek Dam Run. (class IV)
C. Mokelumne River Ponderosa Way Run. (class III-)
D. Mokelumne River Electra Run. (class II+)

Mokelumne River Map - put-in locations for whitewater boating runs.

River map user instructions.
• See below for full screen river map.

Mokelumne River put-in locations - full-screen river map.

The river map shows the locations of put-ins listed above (A, B).
Point or DoubleClick on the markers to see their names.
Click on the Topo button to see the topographic map.

Online River Guides & River Flow Data for Paddle Boating.

Mokelumne River Whitewater Directory.
(Display options - alphabetical 100. See section 1.)

Printed Guidebooks & Maps for Mokelumne River Whitewater.

Sierra Whitewater - A Paddler's Guide ... 1974. (pg. 107-115)
Best Whitewater in California, Third Edition 1998. (pg 188-195)
California Whitewater - A Guide to the Rivers, Third Edition 1995. (pg. 88-91)
Paddling Northern California by Charlie Pike. (pg. 165-166)
Ann Dwyer's Easy Waters of California North, 2000. (pg. 218-219)
California River Maps - Atlas & Gazetteer by Delorme, 2008.

Mokelumne River Whitewater Trip Reports NEEDED !!

Please contact me to submit reports on your Mokelumne River trips. I will post or link to whitewater paddleboating trip reports from guest authors, especially if paddleboating pictures and/or videos are included.
Bear Ck to Tiger Ck Run NF Mokelumne River - California Whitewater Paddling.
Mokelumne River Race photos - Loma Prieta Paddlers 17sept2005.
Guide & Report, Mokolumne River Middle Bar Run - JLester mar1988.

Whitewater River Recreation, Preservation & Conservation.

Mokelumne River Conservation & Recreation Directory. Preservation of the Mokelumne River watershed. Recreation in the Mokelumne River canyon. (Display options - alphabetical 100. Section 1 = whitewater, 2 = rafting, 3 = conservation, 4 = fishing, 5 = camping-hiking, 6 = local-info.)

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