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Albion River Wild & Scenic - California River Kayaking Overview.

Kayaking & Canoeing Guide - Mendocino County California, USA.

Tidal flows extend 5 miles up the Albion River, so class I paddling is possible in summer if timed with the ebb and flow of the tides. Tide Tables for California.

Paddleboating Run on Albion River - put-in location.

Albion River, 5 miles, class I.
      put-in/takeout - N 39.22565 W 123.76785 Albion River Campground (A)
      upstream end of class I section - N 39.24502 W 123.72082 (B)

Albion River map for paddleboaters.

Instructions for interactive online topographic road & river maps.
• Full-screen road maps & topographic maps - see below.

Full-Screen River Map - landmarks on the Albion River.
To see the names of landmarks displayed above (A, B, etc.) - DoubleClick or point on the red markers.

Online River Guides & River Flow Data for Paddleboating.

Albion River Kayaking & Canoeing Directory.
(Click on All Tags, click on a river. Display options - alphabetical 100. See section 1.)

Printed Guides for Albion River Paddle Boating.

Paddling Northern California by Charlie Pike. (pg. 64-66)
Ann Dwyer's Easy Waters of California North, 2000. (pg. 90-91)
California River Maps - Atlas & Gazetteer by Delorme, 2008.

Albion River paddleboating reports NEEDED !!

Please send your trip reports from Albion River canoeing & kayaking trips. Stories, pictures & videos from boating trips will be linked here.
Albion River by canoe video - mybluehouse 09may2007.
Otters in the Albion video - mybluehouse 21oct2007.
Albion River Canoe - dkoj2004 22nov2006.

Outdoor Activities in our Wild and Scenic River Canyons.

Albion River Valley Directory - Conservation & Recreation. Websites for the Albion River Watershed. (Display options - alphabetical 100. Section 1=kayaking-canoeing, 2=rafting-oarboating, 3=conservation-environment, 4=fishing-driftboating, 5=camping-hiking, 6=other-websites)

More River Information for California:
• Nearby streams: Noyo River, Big River, Navarro River.
North Coast California River Guides for Paddleboating.
California Whitewater River Guides for Kayaking, Canoeing & Rafting.
California's Wild and Scenic Rivers System 09oct2008.
How to use whitewater river paddleboating guides - BRT Kayaking.

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