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Lynch Canyon hiking trip report - Solano County, California, USA.

Pretty nice hiking - pretty close to home.

With a rainy afternoon in the forecast JimH & I did a quick morning hike at Lynch Canyon (pdf brochure & map) on 17jan2010.

Map of Lynch Canyon.

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      N 38.18531 W 122.18204 - Lynch Canyon entrance (A)
      N 38.19475 W 122.19234 - Lynch Reservoir (B)

We hiked out on Lynch Road, Middle Valley Trail along the SF Lynch Creek & continued on Saddle Trail. The trails go through lands that are used for cattle grazing and there are some high tension electrical lines, so its definitely not wilderness. Cattle were fenced out from the creek to preserve the habitat. We saw some habitat restoration planting areas. On the wet day when we were there a few low spots in the trail were ankle-deep in soft mud, but most of the trail was quite good. The trails wind around in hilly country through some areas that are quite pretty. The mist turned to rain as we were getting to the Saddle Trail. Fortunately we continued on to make a loop rather than just turn around and go back the way we came.

Lynch Canyon hiking photo gallery.

Hiking on the Bay Area Ridge Trail.

Then we hiked back past Lynch Reservoir on the North Ridge Trail (which is part of the Bay Area Ridge Trail). This North Ridge Trail was quite excellent!! In the wind and the rain it was moderately difficult hiking up to the top of the ridge. The visibility ranged from poor to very poor, but we saw enough to know that on a clear day the views from the ridgetop would be awesome. Eventually the rain stopped and the visibility improved. We met some experienced birdwatchers on the trail and they pointed out the golden eagles soaring off in the distance. The cows & the bulls were doing what they do in the springtime & they seemed not to mind having hikers inside the fence with them. The last part of the trail ran along the NF Lynch Creek. Partial breakup of the cloud cover made some dramatic skies as we hiked out.

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Olympus Stylus 720SW waterproof camera. Photos edited with IrfanView & PanoStitcher.

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Lynch reservoir is the larger reservoir between points A and B.
Thanks! I'll update the red marker on the map.
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