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Zim Zim Falls hiking trip report - Napa County, California, USA.

A nice trail with excellent views of the Coast Range.

Oliver, Royce & I drove up Berryessa Knoxville Road to Zim Zim Falls on 31jan2010. Putah Creek valley was covered in fog, but the skies cleared as we drove north past Lake Berryessa. The trailhead is at the confluence of Zim Zim Creek with Eticuera Creek.

Map of Zim Zim Falls.

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      N 38.75197 W 122.28337 - Zim Zim Falls trailhead (A).
      N 38.78092 W 122.31864 - Zim Zim Falls (B).
      N 38.76151 W 122.31289 - Overlook to Lake Berryessa (C).

Hiking the Trail to Zim Zim Falls and Beyond.

The trail along Zim Zim Creek provided nice, easy hiking, but be prepared to wade across the creek many times. Depending upon the flow in the creek it may be possible to keep your feet dry if your hiking boots are waterproof. Alternatively you may want to go barefoot across the creek or wear shoes that you don't mind getting totally wet.

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• Zim Zim Creek crossing.

We climbed up the hillside to have lunch at a place where we had a great view of the falls.
Zim Zim Falls
• Zim Zim Falls overlook.

We hiked around behind the falls and up the ridge trail to get some spectacular views.
Zim Zim Valley panorama
• Zim Zim Creek Valley - panorama of 2 photos.

view from ridgetop to Lake Berryessa
• View down to Lake Berryessa from the ridge trail.
Zim Zim Falls hiking photo gallery.

Then we hiked back down into Zim Zim Creek valley and retraced our steps down the creek back to the trailhead.

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Olympus Stylus 720SW camera. Photos edited with IrfanView & PanoStitcher software.

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