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How to use whitewater river paddleboating guides.

1. All river guides are always out-of-date. Rivers are dynamic and changeable places, which is one of the main things that makes paddleboating such an awesome sport. The river that I run today & the river boating guide that I write immediately thereafter is expected to be out-of-date tomorrow due to possible changes in river flow, rockslide, tree fall, etc.

2. Additional sources of river information. More information about any whitewater river paddleboating run is typically available by contacting local whitewater businesses, local whitewater boating clubs, online whitewater forums, and recent river flow data.

3. Doctrine of personal responsibility. All whitewater boaters are personally responsible for their own decisions about when & where to boat, who to include in their boating team, when to scout from shore, when to portage and when to hike out from the river canyon. All whitewater boaters are personally responsible to understand the risks involved in this sport, to learn the paddleboating skills they need to navigate the river safely, and to be prepared for the unforeseen situations that often occur in the changing river environment. Those who want to get started in whitewater paddleboating are encouraged to take whitewater boater training classes with a qualified instructor and to continue learning on whitewater boating club river trips together with more experienced boaters.

4. Multiple sources of information. My whitewater river paddleboating guides are based on multiple sources of information wherever possible. These include my personal kayaking experience, printed river guides, online river guides, and trip reports from other paddleboaters. I have made a special effort to reference every book that has been published and hyperlink to every useful website that has been written on the subject of California/Nevada whitewater rivers. Many river runs that I have not personally boated are described exclusively from the second-hand sources referenced in the river guides. No single river guide should be used as a sole source of information when planning your paddleboating trip on an unfamiliar river. You too should read thoroughly from multiple printed river guides & online river guides and seek other sources of river information (see #2 above).

5. These river guides will be updated. River trip report updates from other boaters are greatly appreciated. These whitewater river guides will be updated when new information becomes available to me. Contact me to contribute your knowledge towards making these guides better for the whitewater boating community.

6. Disclaimers. I accept no liability for any of my whitewater river guides that are out-of-date, incomplete or innacurate (see #1 above). See the disclaimers from the whitewater river guidebooks that are frequently referenced in this guide: Dwyer disclaimer, Schwind disclaimer, Holbeck & Stanley disclaimer, & Cassady disclaimer.

California Whitewater River Paddleboating Guides.

California Whitewater Rivers & Creeks Guide - Geographic List.
California Whitewater Rivers & Creeks Guide - Alphabetical List.


The Doctrine of personal responsibility is really the point. ... Thanks for all the thought you have put into (this). Have a great spring!
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