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GPS Receivers and Mapping Methods for Photography while Travelling.

Record and display the locations of your landscape and other travel photographs while walking, hiking, running, biking, kayaking, canoeing, rafting, tubing, etc.

1. Personal Navigation Devices (PND) triangulate your position using the GPS satellites, record the route you travel (GPS track) and the time of day at each point along the way.
• GPS receiver (Brands: Garmin, Magellan, TomTom, Trimble, Holux)
• Smartphone - iPhone or Android (Brands: Apple, Garmin, TomTom, HTC, BlackBerry, Palm)
• GPS receivers are built into some smartphones; external GPS receivers can be attached to some smartphones.

2. Digital cameras automatically record the date and time of day when your pictures were taken.
• In IrfanView software click on Image menu - Information.
• In The GIMP software install the Exif Viewer - GIMP Plugin, then click on File menu - View Exif.

3. GPS Travel websites plot GPS track data on the map. Matching time of day information from the GPS receiver and the camera enables the locations of the photographs to be plotted on the map.
• GPS travel websites: MapMyHike, EveryTrail, Wayfaring, MapMyWalk, Wikiloc, Backcountrysecrets, TrailChaser.

4. Trees, hills and tall buildings can block the GPS receiver from connecting to the GPS satellites and prevent the track from being recorded. Thus, GPS mapping methods may be unsuccessful in many places such as downtown areas of big cities, trails with thick tree cover, and rivers with deep and narrow canyons.

5. Examples of Hiking and Biking Photos Synchronized to Map of GPS Track.
California Hiking Trails Directory Pg. 1B. Scroll down to see GPS Track Hiking and Biking section.

6. Examples of Paddleboating Photos Synchronized to Map of GPS Track.
Black Canyon Colorado River - Kayaking Canoeing - prathmann 09mar2010.
Kayaking Black Canyon on the Colorado River - geobau 04oct2009.
Dog Paddle Down the Russian River - SnoWake 09aug2009.
Russian River Canoeing - tmeekins 22june2008.

7. GPS Receiver: Garmin GPSMap 76S is a useful tool for outdoor exploration.

8. GPS Mapping Software: Topo! mapping software from National Geographic.

9. GPS receivers also record speed, elevation and distance travelled, so runners and bikers use maps of their GPS tracks to record their training and competitions.

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