Thursday, January 06, 2011


Hiking to Waterfalls in California - Books.

Waterfalls are popular destinations for hiking and landscape photography during California's rainy winter and spring snow melt seasons.

Books about California Waterfall hiking trails.


• Book: Foghorn Outdoors California Waterfalls: More Than 200 Falls You Can Reach by Foot, Car, or Bike.

• Book: Waterfall Lovers Guide Northern California: More than 300 Waterfalls from the North Coast to the Southern Sierra.

• Book: The Definitive Guide to the Waterfalls of Southern and Central California.

Waterfall trails that I have hiked recently:

Fairy Falls Trail, Spenceville Wildlife Area 29dec2010.
Zim Zim Falls Trail - Napa County 03feb2010.
Stairstep Falls Hiking at Samuel P. Taylor State Park 04jan2010.
Cache Creek Redbud Trail & The Jams Waterfall 20dec2009.
Devils Washbowl - waterfall videos from Kings Canyon National Park 30june2009.

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