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Wildflowers of Table Mountain, Butte County, California - book report.

Samantha Mackey and Albin Bills describe the wildflowers and waterfalls that make North Table Mountain such a special place!

"Table Mountain is a prominent landmark in Butte County, located on the eastern margin of the Sacramento Valley between the towns of Oroville to the south, and Chico to the north. Its distinctive form catches the eye - and elevated tabletop with steep cliffs, set against the rounded hills of the northern Sierra Nevada".

"To the uninitiated, a flower walk on Table Mountain can be an overwhelming experience. There are so many flowers! We seek to ease the burden by profiling approximately 60 of the common, showy species in bloom during the popular springtime viewing season. To broaden your view, we also describe the mountain's geologic and cultural history, ecology, and wildlife you might encounter along the way."
Wildflowers of Table Mountain book cover picture

Wildflowers of Table Mountain
is a great little book to increase your enjoyment of any trip to North Table Mountain (near Oroville, CA). Brief descriptions of the geology and ecology help explain why North Table Mountain is so great for viewing waterfalls and wildflowers. The wildflower identification main section of the is divided by blossom color, but the illustrations are in black and white. This keeps down the cost of the book, but I'll have to see if the b-w drawings are sufficient for flower identification on my next trip there. The book shows locations of three main waterfalls at Table Mountain. Coal Canyon Falls is especially awesome, so be sure to see it!!

There are no trails, so bring your map, compass and cross-country hiking skills. The rolling hills and valleys that cut into the top of Table Mountain provide lots of opportunites to get temporarily lost and bewildered if you don't pay attention to where you are and where you are going.

Wildflowers of Table Mountain book - Order the book directly from Herbarium, California State University, Chico or from local booksellers.

North Table Mountain Ecological Reserve hiking to see waterfalls and wildflowers 23feb2011.
Waterfalls of North Table Mountain Ecological Reserve 26feb2011.

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