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Pickle-Flavored Zucchini Squash Chips and Dried Pickle Recipes Made in a Food Dehydrator

Its that time of year again when gardeners are desperately seeking ways to make use of their excess harvests of zucchini.

I marinaded some zucchini slices in the pickle juice that we usually throw away when all of the pickles in the jar have been eaten. I made one batch with dill pickle juice and one batch with sweet pickle juice. Then I dried the slices in my food dehydrator. The vinegar evaporates in the dehydrator, so most of the sour taste is lost. The dried raw zucchini squash snack chips were crunchy with interesting subtle pickle flavors.

marinaded zucchini slices
Marinaded zucchini slices.

dehydrated raw zucchini chips
Dehydrated raw zucchini chips.

Dehydrated Pickles also make an interesting homemade snack food.

I also dried some pickle slices in the food dehydrator. The dried dill pickle slices came out with a good strong dill flavor. Dried sweet pickle slices were slightly sweet with a mild pickle flavor.

dill pickles and sweet pickles
Dill pickles and sweet pickles.

pickle slices
Pickle slices.

dehydrated dill pickle and sweet pickle slices
Dehydrated dill pickle and sweet pickle slices.

Conclusion: we can make healthy, crunchy snack foods at home. We don't need to buy the big bags of greasy, salty junkfoods at the store!! Although I sometimes still do.

Dried pickles and dehydrated raw vegan zucchini chips are healthy, homemade snacks that are low calorie, low fat, low salt, low carb and gluten free, making them suitable for many diet plans. These novel recipes seem to quickly satisfy my urges for crunching and snacking. No doubt I consume fewer calories from these dried veggie chips than I would from many types of junky store-bought snack foods. These homemade snacks make neat and tidy hors d'oeuvres or appetizers for TV or computer time, parties, etc. They are also excellent light weight foods for camping, hiking, backpacking, kayaking, canoeing and rafting trips.

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