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Trailhead maps for hiking and mountain biking in California (subtopic)

Maps to the Trailheads

Road maps, satellite maps, terrain maps and topographic maps provide good trip planning resources. In some cases the trail will be visible by zooming in on the topographic map.

Colusa County trailheads.

Napa County trailheads.

Sacramento County trailheads.

Solano County trailheads.

Sonoma County trailheads.

Yolo County trailheads.

Driving Directions

Google Maps provide directions, distance & driving time from your house to the trailheads. Locations can be specified by geographic coordinates or by the name of a city, town or landmark. Drag the gold figurine onto the map to see a panoramic StreetView of your destination, critical turns along your route, scenery along the way, etc.

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