Monday, June 11, 2007


Web 2.0 services make it easy to become an online author !!

Everybody can contribute their knowlege using Web 2.0 online services.

New online services simplify use of the Internet to tell the story of your business or some part of your personal life. There are many blogging services and photo/video sharing communities online. These are typically designed to be very easy for anybody with basic computer skills to use. They are also designed to be highly interactive, so others can add comments, questions and critiques to things that somebody else has posted online. Join the discussion. Add your thoughts and your ideas to the online world !!

Blogger, Picasa & YouTube are great web 2.0 tools for storytelling and photo/video sharing.

I've had good experiences with my free accounts at Blogger, Picasa Web Albums and YouTube, online services owned by Google. These web 2.0 services work together very nicely. For example, my pictures posted at Picasa and my videos posted at YouTube can be easily inserted into posts for my blog at Blogger (photo slideshow and video). Please add your comments to my blog and my online pictures.

More blogging about blogging: Tips for Bloggers.

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Thanks for these links. I expect to return here many times until I have learned and incorporated these features into my own blog.
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