Sunday, March 23, 2008


Newsfeeds bring the online news that you want to read

When the news media do not tell you all you want to know on your topic(s) of interest, then you can find more news on the Internet.

I read a big city newspaper and watch (too much!!) cable TV news, but these sources are not providing me with enough information specifically about water in California. Water issues are so critical for whitewater boating recreation, and also for everyday living, working and paying taxes in California.

Here are the newsfeeds that I am reading to provide a greater knowledge base for my blogging about river conservation and water policy issues in California. This gives me long lists of news headlines and lets me selectively read whatever articles my time and interests permit. Some of you may be interested in these newsfeeds and others may be interested in going to the online news sources to find other newsfeeds on different topics. Newsfeeds are provided for free with advertisements on the pages. Newsfeeds are dynamically updated to provide up-to-the-minute news that is not limited by the delivery schedule of your newspaper or the broadcast schedule of TV news.


Major newspapers typically provide dozens of newsfeeds on a wide range of topics. California newspapers that provide newsfeeds include Sacramento Bee, San Francisco Chronicle, Stockton Record, Red Bluff Daily News, Marysville Appeal Democrat, and Los Angeles Times.

I am currently reading the following newspaper feeds: Sacbee - Environment, LA Times - Environment, Stockton Record - Environment, Stockton Record - Agriculture.

Search Engines.

Search engines like Google News and Yahoo News provide newsfeeds for any keyword search that interests you. These contain news from newspapers and many other sites on the Internet.

I am currently reading search engine newsfeeds for keyword combinations including: peripheral canal, delta conveyance, river restoration California, California water, river California, Klamath River, California Delta, and San Joaquin River.


All blogs provide newsfeeds. Many of the sites listed in my River News Sources are blogs and I'm realizing that I don't visit these individual websites as often as I should. I'm hoping that picking out the very best of the water politics blogs and subscribing to their newsfeeds will help me to keep better informed about what they have to say. I subscribe to the newsfeeds from blogs written by some of my kayaking buddies. I also subscribe to the newsfeeds from my personal sites to keep an eye on how my content is displayed via the feeds.

It is quick and easy to subscribe to the newsfeeds that interest you. I'll write more about that in a future post.

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