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Owens River, California - Wild and Scenic Whitewater Paddleboating Overview.

Whitewater River Kayaking, Tubing & Canoeing Guide - including tributaries Reversed Creek, Rush Creek, Mammoth Creek, Hot Creek.

Mono County & Inyo County, California.

Whitewater Runs on Owens River - locations of put-ins and other landmarks.

Upper Owens River & Tributary Creeks.
A. Reversed Creek - Rush Creek (class II, 4 miles)
put-in - N 37.77228 W 119.08386
take-out - N 37.94752 W 119.05849

B. ?? Upper Owens River to Lake Crowley (class ??, ~4 miles)
put-in - N 37.74819 W 118.83169 ??
take-out - N 37.69934 W 118.76173

C. Mammoth Creek - Hot Creek (class II, 12 miles)
put-in - N 37.63809 W 118.90318
take-out - N 37.69934 W 118.76173

Middle Owens River.
D. Owens River Gorge (suitability for kayaking is under investigation, ~10 miles)
Outflow from Lake Crowley, put-in ?? - N 37.58788 W 118.70380
Upstream from Pleasant Valley Reservoir, take-out ?? - N 37.43725 W 118.55793

Lower Owens River.
E. Pleasant Valley to Five Bridges Run (class I, 10 miles)
Class I run described in "Easy Waters of California" (10 miles)
Put-in below Pleasant Valley Reservoir - N 37.41407 W 118.52325
Take-out at Five Bridges - N 37.41230 W 118.40584

F. Laws to Big Pine Run (class I-II, 30 miles)
Described in "Easy Waters of California" & "Paddler's Atlas" (30 miles)
Put-in at Laws, CA - N 37.39907 W 118.35640
Take-out near Big Pine, CA - N 37.17824 W 118.26456

G. Big Pine to Tinemaha Reservoir (class I ??, 15 miles)
put-in - N 37.17824 W 118.26456
take-out - N 37.07322 W 118.22688

H. Recently rewatered section south of Big Pine. Please contact me if you have any trip report from boating on this section.

River Map showing put-in locations for whitewater runs - Owens River.

River map user instructions.
• Full screen river map - see below.

Full-Screen River Map: Owens River put-in locations for kayaking.
Markers on the topo map show locations of put-ins listed above (A, B, etc.).
Point or DoubleClick on the markers to see their names.

Online River Guides & River Flow Data for Paddle Boating.

Owens River Directory.
(Display options - alphabetical 100. See section 1.)

Printed Guidebooks & Maps - Owens River Wild and Scenic.

Paddler's Atlas of U.S. Rivers West, 1993. (pg. 31)
Ann Dwyer's Easy Waters of California North, 2000. (pg. 322-323)
California River Maps - Atlas & Gazetteer by Delorme, 2008.

Whitewater River Trip Reports NEEDED !!

Please contact me to send in your Owens River trip report. I'm eager to post or link to whitewater boating trip stories from guest authors, especially if boating pictures and/or videos are included.
Kayak Owens River video - mrroosterfish 25july 2010.
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Eastside Magazine - Lower Owens River Redux 5may2009.
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Lower Owens River kayaking pictures - SuzSos 17july2008.
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Kayaking the Owens River, Eastern Sierra - VorMedia 29sept2007.
• trip report 27april2007. (x)
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Owens River canoeing video - Easternsierradwp 02sept2008.
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A first descent: Lower Owens River floats their boats - Owens Valley Committee 23may2007.

Whitewater River Conservation & Recreation.

Owens River Watershed Wild and Scenic - Restoration, Conservation & Recreation. Owens River valley websites. (Display options - alphabetical 100. Section 1=kayaking-canoeing, 2=rafting, 3=conservation, 4=fishing, 5=climbing-camping-hiking, 6=local-info)

More about:
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Wild and Scenic Rivers in California - Additions to the USA National Program 27mar2009.
California Whitewater River Guides.

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