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Judge Davis Trail hiking trip report - Lake County, California, USA.

JimH, OliverH & Royce & I drove up Hwy 16 on 20feb2010 through the Capay Valley where we saw mustards in full bloom and the beginning of the fruit tree blooms. We continued north along Cache Creek and Bear Creek.

The Judge Davis trailhead (trail map - yolohiker - pdf) is in Lake County on Hwy 20 at mile marker 46.07. The first 1/4 mile of the trail was a horrid, muddy mess!! Fortunately we kept going because the trail was fine once we turned south and started the uphill climb.

Map of Judge Davis Trail & nearby landmarks.

Instructions for online interactive topographic river maps & road maps.
• Click on Map button for road map, Topo button for topographic map.
Full-Screen Map - landmarks along Judge Davis Trail.
• Names of landmarks (A, B, etc.) - DoubleClick or point on the red markers.

      N 39.00878 W 122.41482 - Judge Davis trailhead (A)
      N 38.96662 W 122.46477 - Wilson Valley (B)
      N 39.00878 W 122.41482 - unnamed? peak north of Wilson Valley (C)
      N 38.82794 W 122.19286 - Ibarra's Mexican Restaurant & Bar, Guinda, CA (D)
• Go to: Full-screen map, gps track & photos of Judge Davis Trail by ElRemaro.

• Judge Davis Trail goes down the top of the ridge into the Cache Creek valley.

• (Parasitic plant) growing on the manzanita roots.

• Cache Creek and Wilson Valley.

• Manzanita flowers.

• Cache Creek and Wilson Valley.

• More photos: Judge Davis Trail hiking photo album 20feb2010.

Cache Creek was flowing at 240 cfs when we were there. It looked like it would have been possible to cross the creek without getting wet too much above knee level. (Check the recent flow updates for Cache Creek when planning your hike on the Judge Davis Trail.)

On the way out we avoided the muddy part of the trail by climbing over an old gate near Hwy 20 mile marker 45.88 and hiking along Hwy 20 for the last 1/4 mile back to the trailhead.

My Hydration Fruit-Ade homemade sports drink flavor of the day was Welch's Black Cherry Concord Grape. Mmm-mmm good!! I brought a gallon and didn't finish all of it, but it kept me well hydrated throughout a long, hard day of hiking.

We stopped for dinner at Ibarra's Mexican Restaurant in Guinda, CA. The tacos & burritos were good and the nice, warm fire in the fireplace was great!

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Olympus Stylus 720SW camera. Photos edited with IrfanView & PanoStitcher softwares.

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