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Stanislaus River Lower Run - California Whitewater Paddleboating Guide.

Kayaking, Innertubing, Rafting & Canoeing in Stanislaus County & San Joaquin County, California, USA.

This run provides 50 miles of class I-II paddleboating from Knights Ferry to the San Joaquin River confluence.

Stanislaus River flow data updates:
Stanislaus River flow at Orange Blossom Bridge - CDEC.
Stanislaus River flow at Ripon - California Data Exchange Center.

Road Map, Terrain Map & Topographic River Map.

• The map is interactive - click and drag to adjust the location. Map user FAQ.
• Point on the red markers to see their names. Use the tool on the left to zoom and pan.
• Map button = road map. Terrain = 3D shaded topo map. Topo = topographic map.
Full-Screen Topographic Map - Stanislaus River Lower Run.

• More River Landmarks - Geographic Coordinates. Copy/paste the coordinates below into the search box at Google Maps or into the Find box at Acme Mapper.
N 37.81879 W 120.66693 - Knights Ferry Recreation Area (A)
N 37.80639 W 120.72086 - Horseshoe Road Recreation Area (B)
N 37.79134 W 120.73013 - Honolulu Bar (C)
N 37.78866 W 120.76288 - Orange Blossom Recreation Area, river gauge (D)
N 37.78544 W 120.80433 - Valley Oak Recreation Area (E)
N 37.77723 W 120.85304 - Oakdale Recreation Area - Oakdale Ponds (F)
N 37.73746 W 120.92407 - Riverbank Recreation Area (G)
N 37.74238 W 120.94239 - Jacob Meyers Park (H)
N 37.75393 W 121.01199 - McHenry Avenue Recreation Area (I)
N 37.73076 W 121.10963 - Army Corps Park, Ripon River Crossing, river gauge (J)
N 37.72039 W 121.15537 - Mohler Road (K)
N 37.69598 W 121.20006 - Caswell Memorial State Park (L)
N 37.68817 W 121.26022 - Durham Ferry State Recreation Area (M)

Driving Directions, Distance, Estimated Time & Road Conditions.

Mapquest provides directions, distance & time from your house to the river.
• From Davis, CA to Oakdale, CA - driving time 1 hour 37 minutes - 90.86 miles.

California Road Conditions (Delays or closures due to weather, construction, etc.)
California Travel Information -
Road Conditions - California Dept Transportation.

Local weather in Oakdale, California.

Click for Oakdale, California Forecast

Online River Guides & River Flow Data for Stanislaus River Paddle Boating.

Stanislaus River Lower Run Whitewater Boating Directory. (Set display options - alphabetical 100. See sections 1 & 2.)

Whitewater Guidebooks - Stanislaus River Lower Run.

Paddling Northern California by Charlie Pike. (pg. 170-175)
Ann Dwyer's Easy Waters of California North, 2000. (pg. 240-243)
Sierra Whitewater - A Paddler's Guide ... 1974. (pg. 116-123)
Down the Wild Rivers- A Guide to the Streams of California, 1972. (pg.140-148)

Stanislaus River Lower Run Whitewater Trip Reports

• Please contact me to submit your trip report. I'm happy to post or link to well-written, whitewater boating trip reports from guest authors, especially if boating pictures are included.
Busy - Cowboygrrl 09aug2010
Kayaking Knights Ferry Stanislaus River video - lunaticrider209 25may2010
Kayaking Knights Ferry Stanislaus River video - lunaticrider209 30april2010
Russian Rapid on the Stanislaus River video - lookihaveacamera 24april2010
Kayaking Knights Ferry Stanislaus River video - lunaticrider209 08april2010
Stanislaus River Family Rafting video, 08aug2009
Stanislaus River Rafting with Sunshine video
Level-2 rafting & waterwar near SF Bay Area, video 19july2008
Dylan goes tubing on Stanislaus River in Knights Ferry video
Trinity watertubing on Stanislaus River video
Summer08 Camping: Rafting Stanislaus River video
Stanislaus River Rafting with Sunshine video

Whitewater River Recreation Links - Stanislaus River Lower Run.

Stanislaus River Lower Run Recreation Directory. (Set display options - alphabetical 100. Section 1=whitewater, 2=rafting, 3=conservation, 4=fishing, 5=camping-hiking, 6=local-info)

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