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Eel River Lower Runs - Wild and Scenic Flatwater Paddleboating in California USA.

River Map & Guide for Canoeing, Kayaking, Rowing, Rafting & Tubing Paddlesports.

The South Fork and Main Eel River provide 122 miles of flatwater class I paddleboating, including many areas of outstanding scenic beauty.

Lower Eel River Flatwater Boating Runs - Mendocino County & Humboldt County.

--- Eel River Main Fork. Run name (mileage, whitewater class). ---
1. Alderpoint to Dyerville Run (30 miles, class I).
2. Dyerville to Ocean Run (44 miles, class I).

--- Eel River South Fork. Run name (mileage, whitewater class). ---
3. Piercy to Dyerville Run (48 miles, class I).

Real-time Flow - lower Eel River to the Pacific Ocean.

The Lower Eel River flows in the Main Fork and South Fork are determined primarily by rainfall in the winter and spring rainy seasons. Flows can vary dramatically in different segments of the river depending upon which of the side-creek drainages has received the most rain in the past few days. Be sure to use the flow gauge that is closest to the section of river that you plan to paddle.

--- Real-time Flow Eel River Main Fork. (See marker on map.) ---
Eel River at Fort Seward - USGS Real-Time Water Flow Data. (B)
Eel River at Scotia - USGS Real-Time Water Flow Data. (E)
Eel River at Fernbridge - USGS Real-Time Water Flow Data. (F)

--- Real-time Flow Eel River South Fork. (See marker on map.) ---
SF Eel River at Leggett - USGS Real-Time Water Flow Data. (G)
SF Eel River nr Miranda - USGS Real-Time Water Flow Data. (J)

River Map - access locations for lower Eel River paddle boating.

Map user FAQ. The map is interactive. Click and drag to reposition map.
• Use the tool on the left to zoom in and out. Point on the red markers to see their names.
• Map button = road map. Terrain = 3D shaded topo map. Topo = topographic map.
Full-Screen River Map: Eel River access locations.

Geographic coordinates - Landmark name (marker on map above)
--- Eel River Main Fork. ---
N 40.17310 W 123.60477 - Alderpoint (A)
N 40.21827 W 123.63261 - Fort Seward (B) river gauge.
N 40.29007 W 123.73180 - Eel Rock (C)
N 40.35472 W 123.92509 - Dyerville (D) confluence of SF and main Eel River.
N 40.49174 W 124.10036 - Scotia (E) river gauge.
N 40.61069 W 124.20336 - Fernbridge (F)
N 40.49102 W 124.10036 - Pacific Ocean

--- Eel River South Fork. ---
N 39.87497 W 123.71979 - Leggett (G) river gauge.
N 39.96745 W 123.80279 - Piercy (H) put-in for class I section.
N 40.09022 W 123.79746 - Garberville Tooby Park (I)
N 40.18179 W 123.77624 - Miranda (J) river gauge.
N 40.35472 W 123.92509 - Dyerville (D) confluence of SF and main Eel River.

Driving Directions, Map, Distance, Estimated Time & Road Conditions.

Mapquest provides directions, distance & time from your house to the river.
• From Davis, CA to Alderpoint, CA - driving time 4 hours 31 minutes - 234 miles.

California Road Conditions (Delays or closures due to weather, construction, etc.)
California Travel Information -
Road Conditions - California Dept Transportation.

Local weather in Alderpoint, California (elevation 472 feet).

Click for Alderpoint, California Forecast

Online River Guides & River Flow Data for Paddle Boating.

Eel River Paddleboating Directory.
(Display options - alphabetical 100. See section 1.)

Printed Guidebooks & Maps - Eel River Flatwater.

Paddling Northern California by Charlie Pike 2001. (pg. 76-88, SF Leggett to Weott, Main Fork Eel Rock to Whitlow)
Ann Dwyer's Easy Waters of California North, 2000. (pg. 96-110, SF Garberville to Dyerville, Main Fork Alderpoint to Ocean)
West Coast River Touring - Rogue River Canyon and South, 1974. (pg. 133-158, SF Piercy to Dyerville, Main Fork Alderpoint to Dyerville)
Down the Wild Rivers- A Guide to the Streams of California, 1972. (pg. 85-104, SF Piercy to Dyerville, Main Fork Alderpoint to Fernbridge)
California River Maps - Atlas & Gazetteer by Delorme, 2008.

Flatwater River Trip Reports NEEDED !!

Please contact me to send in your Eel River trip report. I'm eager to post or link to boating trip stories from guest authors, especially if boating pictures and/or videos are included.
Eel River Alderpoint to Eel Rock kayak trip pictures - Glen and Lorrie May 2008.
Back Paddling Eel River in a kayak video - loletaeric 20jan2008.
Eel River Alderpoint to Eel Rock - 03may2002

Eel River Conservation & Recreation.

• Eel River is protected in the Wild and Scenic River - USA National Program.
Eel River Watershed Directory - Restoration, Conservation & Recreation. Eel River valley websites. (Display options - alphabetical 100. Section 1=kayaking-canoeing, 2=rafting, 3=conservation, 4=fishing, 5=camping-hiking, 6=local-info)

Float Tubing - River Tubing - Innertubing.

Float Tube (Innertube) Techniques, Skills and Safety for your River Trips.
Equipment for Float Tubing River Trips - BRT Insights.

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Eel River Guide for Whitewater and Flatwater Paddle Boating.
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