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Editorial Policy - BRT Kayaking & Hiking Insights Blog.

Promoting whitewater river kayaking and hiking in California. Proclaiming my love for our beautiful lands and rivers.

1. My top priority is to provide the best possible information about whitewater river kayaking, hiking and environmental conservation in California, both in my writing and in my hyperlinks to other websites. (Blogging about whitewater kayaking in California.)

2. I pledge to support the Blog With Integrity principles.

3. My blog is a highly ranked and highly trusted online resource which provides search engine ranking benefits to the river-related websites that hyperlink to my blog. (Outgoing Hyperlinks Help Your Blog to Earn Higher Ranks at the Search Engines.)

4. On the Internet friends hyperlink to friends. Those who refuse to hyperlink get placed in a different category. I make a special effort to make more and better hyperlinks to reward friendly websites that hyperlink to my blog.

5. Comments on my blog that provide relevant information or insights about whitewater river kayaking or California river conservation are greatly appreciated. Comment spams and off-topic comments will be deleted. (How to Comment on a Blog. Why to Comment on a Blog.)

6. Informative comments that contribute to the topics addressed in this blog may include hyperlinks to relevant websites. Off-topic hyperlinks will cause a comment to be rejected as spam.

7. Comments can be short one-liners or as long as you want. If you have very long and/or very insightful comments you should contact me to inquire about publishing your info as a guest author article where your writing will get more visibility.

8. Guest author articles are welcomed on topics that are central to the themes of this blog. The writing must be unique, not just copies of writing that been published elsewhere. Please contact me in advance to discuss the topic of the article you are interested to publish on my blog.

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