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California Rivers Protected in the National Wild & Scenic Rivers Program.

The National Wild & Scenic Rivers Program protects 15 rivers in California, including many of their tributaries. The list below includes all of the primary 15 rivers (•) and only a few of the protected tributaries (*) that are well-known for kayaking. All of these rivers are also protected in the California State Wild and Scenic Rivers Program.

Wild & Scenic River locations - California.

River map user instructions.
• Full screen river map - see below.

Full-screen map: National Wild & Scenic River locations in California.

American River - Lower (N 38.63670 W 121.22174) (A).
American River NF (N 39.10076 W 120.92495) (B).
Big Sur River (N 36.24417 W 121.68129) (C).
Black Butte River (N 39.72843 W 122.94341) (D).
Eel River (N 40.35773 W 123.92012) (E).
      * Van Duzen River (N 40.48907 W 123.62629) (F).
Feather River MF (N 39.81500 W 120.38286) (G).
Kern River NF (N 35.79296 W 118.45081) (H).
  Kern River SF (N 35.84641 W 118.21508) (I).
Kings River (N 36.83818 W 118.87503) (J).
Klamath River (N 41.92936 W 122.44314) (K).
      * Cal Salmon River (N 41.25690 W 123.32325) (L).
      * Scott River (N 41.76440 W 123.01864) (M).
      * Wooley Creek (N 41.38930 W 123.41629) (N).
Merced River (N 37.65488 W 119.88513) (O).
Sespe Creek (N 34.55846 W 119.26393) (P).
Sisquoc River (N 34.82483 W 119.98242) (Q).
Smith River (N 41.79531 W 124.05775) (R).
Trinity River (N 40.72479 W 122.80144) (S).
      * New River (N 40.86394 W 123.45792) (T).
Tuolumne River (N 37.83677 W 120.05362) (U).

I have kayaked on parts of 10 different Wild & Scenic rivers in California (American-Lower, Eel, Van Duzen, Feather MF, Klamath, Merced, Smith, Trinity, New, Tuolumne).

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