Saturday, September 15, 2007


River Conservation 2006 and Flood Control for Sacramento CA

River conservation vs water and land development issues - 2006 archive.

Land development and river conservation policies are highly inter-related. Rivers are critical for our environment, wildlife habitat, recreation, drinking water, irrigation water and flood control. Water development projects should be scrutinized carefully to minimize environmental impacts and use taxpayer dollars efficiently. Whitewater rivers provide dynamic and intriguing environments that should be restored and preserved.

Hydroelectric is not a clean, green power source 28dec2006.
Flood Protection Plan for Sacramento is on Track 24oct2006.
River Conservation Organizations - USA Nationwide 09oct2006.
Support Proposition 1E for Flood Control in California 04oct2006.
Sacramento Flood Control Sept 2006 03oct2006.
Sacramento Flood Control 2005 02oct2006.
River Conservation Organizations - Watersheds in California 26sept2006.
River Conservation Organizations - Western USA Region 24sept2006.

More about: Flood Prevention and River Conservation in California.


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