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2007 Archive - Water Policy, Flood Control & River Conservation.

Sacramento CA flood control, flooding prevention, flooding protection and flood safety are local issues of critical importance. Our old habits of building homes and businesses in the floodplain are unsustainable in a post-Katrina world. Catastrophic losses from floods can be avoided rather easily by building on higher ground.

Whitewater River Recreation & Conservation Directory.
Construction begins at Folsom Dam for improved flood control in Sacramento California 26dec2007.
Water supply crisis in the Sacramento - San Joaquin River Delta, California 26dec2007.
Support National Wild and Scenic River designation for the Mokelumne River 24dec2007.
Yolo County is becoming another battleground in the California Water Wars 23dec2007.
Stop the peripheral canal again 19dec2007.
Water Policy Debacle for California 12dec2007.
Four hydroelectric dams on the Klamath River may be removed 11dec2007.
Restore the San Joaquin River Update 16nov2007.
Folsom Dam Spillway Funding Authorized by US Congress 09nov2007.
Conservation alone CAN be a big help to fix the water crisis in California 31oct2007.
Beware the new dam initiative in California - its bad water policy 28oct2007.
Water deluge predicted for northern California this winter 2007-08 - La NiƱa 21oct2007.
More protection against flooding for Sacramento California 14oct2007.
Flood Safety Progress for Sacramento California 12oct2007.
Flood Policy Legislation Passes in the California Legislature 15sept2007.
Discourage land development in floodplains to reduce the need for more flood control dams 07sept2007.
Flood Control and Water Policy for California 06sept2007.
Folsom Dam Flood Control Upgrades - Funding Update 04sept2007.
Help open access for paddle-boating in Yosemite National Park - Write a Letter 27aug2007. Guest author: Bob Hackamack.
Foolish land developments will lead to destructive developments on California rivers 22aug2007.
Funding update for Folsom Dam and Sacramento flood control 16aug2007.
Sacramento River Flood Control Needs an Urban/Rural Strategy 12july2007.
Rep. Matsui wants farms to continue serving as flood buffer for Sacramento 09july2007.
California governor proposes curbs on development in floodplains 06june2007.
Flood control breakthroughs in California 01june2007.
Raising Shasta Dam - Another Multi-Billion Dollar Proposal 26march2007.
West Sacramento Flood Peril 25march2007.
Sacramento Flood Control - Federal Funding Approved for Levee Repairs 22march2007.
Folsom Dam Upgrade - Work Underway to Get the Necessary Funding 17march2007.
Restore Hetch Hetchy Valley 16march2007.
Auburn Dam Opponents Ranked in Google 14march2007.
Auburn Dam - annotated bibliography 27feb2007.
Auburn Dam Opponents in the Blogosphere 23feb2007.
Auburn Dam - High Costs and High Risks 18feb2007.
Auburn Dam Price Tag Soars While Expected Benefits Decrease 01feb2007.
Folsom Dam Project Needed for Sacramento Flood Control 21jan2007.
Water Development Plans for California 15jan2007.

2006 Archive - River Conservation for California and Flood Control for Sacramento CA.

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