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Cache Creek Wild and Scenic - Whitewater Paddleboating Overview.

Kayaking, Canoeing & Rafting Guide & Maps - Yolo County & Lake County, California, USA.

Whitewater Boating Runs on Cache Creek - locations of put-ins.

North Fork Cache Creek.
A. Cache Creek NF Long Valley Run (class II, 9 miles)(N 38.93471 W 122.64150).
B. Cache Creek Wilderness Run Wild and Scenic (class III, 17 miles)(N 38.98840 W 122.54060).

Cache Creek.
C. Clear Lake to Dam Run (class I, 5 miles)(N 38.93471 W 122.64150)
D. Dam to Hwy 16 Run (class III+p, 23 miles)(N 38.92336 W 122.56657)
      We cannot put-in at the dam, use Hwy 53 bridge 3 miles upstream for put-in.
E. Cache Creek Rumsey Run (class II+, 8.5 miles)(N 38.92653 W 122.33294).
F. Rumsey to Guinda Run (class I, 7 miles)(N 38.89036 W 122.23835)

Bear Creek (Cache Creek tributary).
G. See Bear Creek Whitewater Runs - confluence with Cache Creek at Rumsey Run put-in.

River Map showing put-in locations for whitewater runs - Cache Creek.

River map user instructions.

Full-Screen River Map: Cache Creek boating put-in locations.

Markers on the topo map show locations of put-ins listed above (A, B).
Point or DoubleClick on the markers to see their names.

Online River Guides & River Flow Data for Paddle Boating.

Cache Creek Directory.
(Display options - alphabetical 100. See section 1.)

Printed Guidebooks - Cache Creek whitewater.

Best Whitewater in California, Third Edition 1998. (pg 78-79)
California Whitewater - A Guide to the Rivers, Third Edition 1995. (pg.151-157)
Paddling Northern California by Charlie Pike. (pg. 134-143)
Ann Dwyer's Easy Waters of California North, 2000. (pg. 198-204)
West Coast River Touring - Rogue River Canyon and South, 1974. (pg. 197-201)
California River Maps - Atlas & Gazetteer by Delorme, 2008.

Whitewater Paddleboating Trip Reports from Cache Creek.

Contact me to submit your trip report. I'm happy to post or link to guest author trip reports, especially if boating pictures and/or videos are included.
Cache Creek whitewater kayaking video - CalKayaking 27sept2010
Upper Cache Creek Rafting Trip - rodneysparks 26july2010
Pirates at Cache Creek photos - crimdom 24july2010
Cache Creek tubing 5 video - rauri76 22july2010.
Creek Rafting Adventure photo set - Brian the Great 12june2010

Kayaking Cache Creek Running Mother Rapid video - lunaticrider209 27may2010
Kayaking Cache Creek before Highway Bridge video - lunaticrider209 25may2010
Cache Creek Rafting - yourasianconnection 2010
Tubing Cache Creek "Mother" video - TubeNation 19july2009
Tubing Cache Creek "Nemesis" video - 19june2009.
Tubing Cache Creek video - TubeNation 19june2009
It's Kayaking Time on Cache Creek - Yolohiker 05june2009.
Cache Creek rafting photos - pseudoreid 02aug2008.
Rumsey Canyon 08 Tubing Cash Creek video - joshnakken 17july2008.
Video of Cache Creek Kayaking & Wildlife - Yolohiker 12july2008.
Cache Creek with Paula and Erol - Kim and Geoff 18may2008.
Bear Creek & Cache Creek - Kinetic in Stasis 25jan2008.
Cache Creek Rafting Trip: Man Overboard video - und3rcov3r101 03aug2008.
Cache Creek Rafting Trip: Rock Avoidance video - und3rcov3r101 03aug2008.
White Water Rafting Cache Creek video - levka 29june2008.
Pirates at Cache Creek - June 2007
Cache Creek Rumsey Run kayaking photos - marold 15jan2006.
Running the rapids at "Mother" on Cache Creek in innertubes video - pursuant 11aug2006.
Cache Creek rafting pictures - troopeighteen 05may2006
Cache Creek rafting photos - Swingaroo aug2005
Silicon Valley Redneck: Cache Creek Innertube Float 26june2005.
Cache Creek Rafting/Camping photos - june2003.
Cache Creek Rumsey Run - Confused Outdoor Club 28july2001.
Clear Lake to Cache Creek Dam Run, map & video - Lake County Water Trails.

• More trip reports: Cache Creek Wilderness Run and Cache Creek Rumsey Run.

Whitewater River Conservation & Recreation.

• Cache Creek is protected as part of the Wild and Scenic Rivers System in California.
Cache Creek Conservation & Recreation Directory. Cache Creek Canyon and Capay Valley websites. (Display options - alphabetical 100. Section 1=whitewater, 2=rafting, 3=conservation, 4=fishing, 5=camping-hiking, 6=local-info)

More about:
Cooperation Restores Access to Cache Creek at Rumsey Bridge 09march2012.
Cache Creek access issues at Rumsey Bridge - Letters needed 04dec2010.
Using these guides to white water river paddleboating - BRT Kayaking.
• Creeks & rivers nearby: Stony Creek/Grindstone Creek, Putah Creek, Sacramento River Valley Region.
California Whitewater River Guides.

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