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California's Wild and Scenic Rivers System.

There is considerable overlap between the California Wild and Scenic Rivers Program and the USA National Wild and Scenic Rivers Program.

Wild & Scenic River locations - protected in California's Program.

1. The California State Wild and Scenic Rivers Program includes all of the California rivers protected under the federal Wild and Scenic Rivers program. (American River, Eel River, Klamath River, Salmon River, Scott River, Smith River, Trinity River, Van Duzen River). See the map of USA National Wild & Scenic Rivers in California.

2. California's Wild and Scenic Rivers System also protects some additional rivers not included in the federal program.
River map user instructions.
• Full screen river map - see below.

Full-screen map: California State Program - Wild & Scenic River locations.

* Albion River (N 39.24249 W 123.73189) (A).
* Cache Creek (N 38.92099 W 122.32122) (B).
* Carson River (N 38.71579 W 119.76351) (C).
* Deer Creek (N 40.18897 W 121.53171) (D).
* Gualala River (N 38.66702 W 123.30128) (E).
* McCloud River (N 40.95922 W 122.21569) (F).
* Mill Creek (N 40.30611 W 121.51583) (G).
* South Yuba River (N 39.29273 W 121.19263) (H).
* West Walker River (N 38.52279 W 119.48001) (I).

Additional information:
Wild & Scenic Rivers USA National Program protects 15 California rivers and many of their tributaries.
California River Conservation & Water Supply Policies - BRT Insights.
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