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Whitewater River Kayaking Directory.

Lists of My Favorite Kayaking Websites.

California Whitewater River Guides. Websites that describe the whitewater river boating runs.
California River Flows Directory. Lists all of the best websites for real-time river flow data in California.
Whitewater Blog Directory. A giant list of whitewater blogs from kayakers, rafters, river-related businesses and organizations.
Kayaking News Directory. Links to kayaking news sources including portals, blogs, forums, search engines, magazines & ezines.
Whitewater Forum Directory. A list of whitewater boater discussion forums.
Whitewater River Kayaking Portals. Information resources and interactive kayak community websites.
Equipment Purchase Directory. Kayak equipment stores and online purchase sites.
Boating Clubs Directory. List of whitewater boating clubs in California.
Training classes for river kayakers. Learn good paddling skills from an experienced instructor.

Kayaking Website Directories on other Sites.

CAOutdoors - Kayaking on California rivers. (PR3) Annotated directory of recreation in Calfornia with pages on kayaking, rafting & canoeing.
KayakingToday - Kayaking news, articles & links. (PR3) Annotated directory, not an interactive site. General Kayaking Links, General Canoeing Links, Print Magazines, Kayaking Guides, Building a Kayak or Canoe, Kayak or Canoe Blogs, Kayaking or Canoeing News, Reviews of Kayaking or Canoeing Gear, Kayaking or Canoeing Trip Reports.

River Conservation and Water Policy Websites.

River News Directory. Links to websites providing news about California water policy, flood control, and river conservation.
California River Conservation & Recreation Directory. Preservation and restoration of California rivers and their watersheds. Recreation in California river canyons. (Click on a river, sort alphabetically. 1 = whitewater, 2 = rafting, 3 = conservation, 4 = fishing, 5 = camping-hiking, 6 = local-info.)
River Conservation Organizations - California. | Western USA. | USA Nationwide.

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