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Coastal Rivers of Central & Southern California - Paddle Boating Overview.

Rafting, Kayaking, Canoeing & River-tubing Guide - California, USA.

Paddle boating on calm water is available in the estuaries and near upstream sections. Tidal influences can extend far inland, so many miles of calm water paddling on river estuaries can be done throughout the year. Rivers and larger creeks provide some outstanding whitewater paddleboating during the rainy seasons of winter & spring.

Jump to: SF Bay Area, Pescadero Creek, San Lorenzo River, Soquel Creek, Pajaro River, Salinas River, Carmel River, Big Sur River, Sisquoc River, Santa Ynez River, Santa Clara River, San Gabriel River.

Central & South Coast CA Rivers & Creeks, Listed north to south:

A - E. SF Bay Area Overview
      Petaluma River (A), (class I, 14 miles)
      Napa River (B), (class II very brushy, 18 miles) (class I, 10.5 miles)
      Alameda Creek (C), (class IIIp, 5 miles)
      Coyote Creek (D), (class III, 12 miles)(class I, ~6 miles)
      Guadalupe River (E). (class II, 12 miles)

F. Pescadero Creek (F). (Class II, 6 miles) (See river map below.)
      N 37.25127 W 122.21784 - Portola Redwoods State Park put-in.
      N 37.27030 W 122.27260 - Pescadero Creek County Park
      (Class ??, ~12 miles)
      N 37.27159 W 122.30684 - Wurr Rd Bridge
      N 37.25448 W 122.37285 - Pescadero Ck Rd Bridge
      N 37.26644 W 122.41100 - Hwy 1 Bridge, Pescadero State Beach
      Pescadero Creek Canoeing & Kayaking Directory.
      Ann Dwyer's Easy Waters of California North, 2000. (Pescadero Creek pg. 328-329)

G. San Lorenzo River (G). (class II, 9 miles)(class III-IV, 6 miles.)

H. Soquel Creek (H). (Class II, 7 miles) (See river map below.)
      N 37.06935 W 121.92528 - put-in.
      N 36.97179 W 121.95298 - take-out.
      Soquel Creek Canoeing & Kayaking Directory.
      Ann Dwyer's Easy Waters of California North, 2000. (Soquel Creek pg. 332-333)

I. Pajaro River (I). (Class I+, 15 miles) (See river map below.)
      N 36.94783 W 121.51205 - put-in.
      N 36.90543 W 121.67685 - take-out.
      Pajaro River Canoeing & Kayaking Directory.
      West Coast River Touring - Rogue River Canyon and South, 1974. (Pajaro River pg. 206 & 211)

J - M. Salinas River (J), (class I/IIp, 9.5 miles)(class I, 49 miles)
      Nacimiento River (K), (class I-IIIp, 15 miles)(class I+p, 10.4 miles)
      San Antonio River (L), (class II+, 10.7 miles)(class Ip, 8.5 miles)
      Arroyo Seco River (M). (class III, 5 miles)(class III, 9.5 miles)

N. Carmel River (N). (class IIIp, 10 miles)(class I-II, 13.5 miles)

O. Big Sur River Wild & Scenic (O). (class II+, 7.5 miles)

P - S. Sisquoc River Wild & Scenic (P), (class IV, 27.5 miles)(class II-III, 19 miles)(class ???, 9 miles)
      Manzana Creek (Q), (class II-III, 9 miles)
      Cuyama River (R), (class III-IV, 15 Miles)
      Santa Maria River (S). (class ??, ~12 miles)

T. Santa Ynez River. (T)

U - W. Santa Clara River (U), (class II-IIIp, 24 miles)
      Piru Creek Wild & Scenic (V), (class I-IV-, 15 miles)(class IV-V, 9 miles)(class III+, 4 miles)(class IV, 18.5 miles)(class II-III, 4 miles)
      Sespe Creek Wild & Scenic (W). (class III+, 6.2 mi.)(class Vp, 32 miles)(class ??, ~5 miles)
      Elizabeth Lake Canyon Creek, class III-IV, 4.5 Miles.

X. San Gabriel River.

Y. Santa Margarita River.

Central & Southern Coast California river map for paddleboaters.

Instructions for online interactive topographic river maps & road maps.
Full-Screen River Map - landmarks on the north coast California rivers & creeks.
• To see the names of landmarks (A, B, etc.) - DoubleClick or point on the red markers.

Central & South Coast California Guides for Paddle Boating.

Ann Dwyer's Easy Waters of California North, 2000. (Petaluma River, Napa River, Alameda Creek, Guadalupe River, Pescadero Creek, San Lorenzo River, Soquel Creek, Salinas River, Carmel River.)
Best Whitewater in California, Third Edition 1998. (San Lorenzo River, Piru Creek, Sespe Creek.)
West Coast River Touring - Rogue River Canyon and South, 1974. (Napa River, Alameda Creek, Coyote Creek, San Lorenzo River, Pajaro River, Salinas River, Nacimiento River, San Antonio River, Arroyo Seco River, Carmel River, Big Sur River.)
California River Maps - Atlas & Gazetteer by Delorme, 2008.
• Online guides for paddleboating: California Rivers Canoeing & Kayaking Directory.

Central & South Coast California paddleboating reports NEEDED !!

Please send your trip reports from kayaking trips on coastal creeks & rivers. Stories, pictures & videos from boating trips will be linked here.
Kayaking in Pescadero Marsh photos - crimdom 09feb2009

Environmental Protection & Outdoor Activities in California River Canyons.

California River Watershed Directory - Conservation & Recreation. Websites for California river canyons. (Click on the desired river, display options alphabetical 100. Section 1=kayaking, 2=rafting, 3=environment-conservation, 4=fishing, 5=hiking-camping, 6=local-websites)

More Information on California Rivers & Creeks:
California Whitewater River Guides for Kayaking, River-tubing, Canoeing & Rafting.
• Some California rivers & creeks have been protected in the USA National Wild & Scenic Rivers Program and/or the California State Wild and Scenic Rivers Program.
How to use whitewater river rafting and kayaking guides - BRT Insights.

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